Why Bachelor’s Degree is Important for You

The case of Mark Zuckerberg and many other billionaires who never completed their degree make bachelors degrees seem unnecessary to many young adults. Joining the workforce immediately after high school will assure you an early stream of income and reduced student loan debts. But the real question is, do the 1 in a million cases around the world warrant forfeiting your bachelor’s degree? Here is a look at why the 4 or more years of study are worth it:

1. Higher Salary Bracket

A university graduate averagely joins the job market as an intermediate or managerial level employee in most industries. This assures you 70% higher salary as compared to an entry-level or clerical employee. This is the reason why the degree will help you pay off your student loan and still live a better life than someone who joined the job market with a mere high school diploma.

2. Job Security.

The output of a degree holder is valued by every production department in a company. Most degree holders will be relied on by the organization to perform critical tasks. This is the reason why you will be the last person the company considers to put off unless you perform really badly.

3. More Discipline and life skills.

A Bachelor’s Degree is more than just a money maker, it is also a lifesaver. The learning process is aimed at giving you life skills that help you become a better citizen and make the world a better place. Statistics show that degree holders have the lowest propensity to crime. Generally, more than 90%, life-saving tools in the world today are developed by Bachelors degree holders, talk of artificial intelligence, self-driven cars, energy saving engines among many more.

4. Financial stability.

Problem-solving skills are the key to a stable financial environment. 65% of savings accounts in the United States are held by college graduates as well as 75% of homes. This is because the time spent working for the degree trains you on how to account for your income. The main theory is that the extra effort for the degree and influence from fellow graduates will make you more responsible.

5. Healthier, happier and longer life.

According to the US Bureau of labor and statistics, 88% of Bachelors degree holders get married. Bachelor’s degree holders account for just 20% of divorce cases meaning you are more likely to get married and have a long happy family life with your Bachelor’s Degree. The number of graduates with health insurance is also high in making medical treatment more accessible.

6. Access to credit.

If you are getting a high income and you manage your finances well, lenders will definitely give you credit. According to the federal reserve bank, over 70% of scores above 620 are held by bachelors degree holders, This is the reason why lenders will literally seek to offer you credit. Degree holders also have a greater trust ratio from the society and institutions in general. This makes it easy for you to get financial help even from family and friends.

Whatever your field of passion, getting your a bachelor’s degree helps you to become all roundedly successful. There are few exceptional cases of success for those without degrees and failure of those who have them. However, According to Dan Rather, The college degree is the key to the American Dream, you should always consider getting one.